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I am a third year student going through the drama of applying for the LPC and training contracts. I just had a couple of questions, and this seemed like a good place to ask!

a) I haven't been successful in getting a training contract. This is partly due to bad planning on my part - I probably didn't do enough applications (I did about 20) and bad interviewing (I completely screwed up my best two chances by giving really bad interviews) - and bad luck. I had interviews at a couple of other firms where I felt the interview had gone well, but was unsuccessful. Nevermind.

I've done a vacation scheme at a magic circle firm and have lots of work experience at small local solicitors. I also have an interview next week for a training contract.

Basically I want to ask, should I be applying for my LPC now, or should I wait until next year on the hope that by then I might have secured a training contract who may be willing to pay for part of the course/wish me to go to a specific course provider (money is quite a big issue here)?

I don't want to pay to do the LPC and then find myself unable to find a job!!

b) Having done a vac scheme at a large corporate firm I know that this is definitely not the area of law that I want to go into. I have really enjoyed my course and have three areas that I am seriously considering going into:

media/IP (specifically music)/defamation (maybe I've been watching too much have i got news for you)
clinical negligence

Does anyone have any experience of working in these areas or of applying to these firms? I have had interviews at clinical negligence firms but no success.

Are there any more communities on here where people know about UK law? There are so many communities on the list when you type in "law" to the interests section, but most of them seem to concern American law!

Thanks very much for any help.

Lizzie xx
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