Gluppit the prawling strangles, there (elettaria) wrote in lawuk,
Gluppit the prawling strangles, there

Domicile of choice

Sorry to throw a legal question at you, but it's one of those very simple issues that I can't find the answer to, and I can't afford to consult a solicitor apart from a friend of mine who hasn't been able to find the answer yet but says it's more complicated that it looks.

I'm currently making a will (one of those packs from WHSmith), though all I have to bequeath is my flat and my piano. I can't figure out what my domicile is. I was born and brought up in London (English parents, so domicile of origin is England), moved to Edinburgh to study when I was 18, and decided to settle there, eventually buying a flat. I am now 29, so I have lived here for just over 10 years and owned a property for, er, about four I think. I have been continually resident in Edinburgh for all of this time. I'm planning to stay in Edinburgh for the foreseeable future, quite possibly permanently; this could change if, for example, I were to marry (I am currently in a fairly serious relationship with a Scot who would prefer to stay in Scotland, though he may possibly need to move for career reasons), but I am certainly not returning to London (impractical for disability reasons). Has my domicile changed to Scotland, or is it still England? The articles I've been able to find, such as this one, are still leaving the issue unclear. Would there be any advantage or disadvantage to me in having an English or a Scottish domicile, or in changing my domicile vs. retaining my domicile of origin?
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